Tune Id pleeeasse


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Bloody hell! Long time since I posted in this section!

Anyways, after a name of this AMAZING tune! Has this woman on the vocals. Here are some lyrics (prob wrong/not exact!)

Get some lovin u want, get some lovin u need (guessing thats the title)

You're so ungrateful, why did u hurt me so,
I tried to please u, I thought Id never let u go,
but all you've given me, is all the misery and pain.
you dont love me, you took my heart and ???

At first I was a fool I didnt know ud be this cruel, u turned around hurt me, the things u made me do all the heartbreak ive been through...

Damo u must know what this track is>?! Im in Love with this tune!!! :p
Kristine W vs Murk - Some Lovin' (Peter Rauhofer Mix)

You're so ungrateful
Why do you hurt me so
I tried to please you
I thought i'd never let you go
But all you've given me
is all misery and pain
You don't love me
You took my heart and love in vain

At first i was a fool
I never thought you'd be this cruel
You turned around and hurt me
The things you made me do
And all heartache i went through
This love of ours is ending
bloody hell! sang by a Kristine, Cant get the f*** away from that name! HAND ME THE VALIUM!!
Alright Fergie mate, Aint seen u in a few days. U been upto ur usual tricks? :lol:

Love this tune- u heard it?

Im goin bugged out fri and kandi sat and a party fri and sat (gonna have to fit it in somehow!)

U goin anywhere?
i sense a thread abuser alert!

:p :p :p

still it is your thread, therefore you can do whatever you like to it. :p
!! Nooooo

Thats the track :p , but its a different mix im after :( - the one Morillo played at Pacha on the 9th of July this year. Anyone know the remix Im on about? :?:
Here's a few other mixes of it:

Murk Baby Got Dub
Murk main mix
Southside Remix
Murk Miami Mix
Gomi Big Mix

Its on Junior Vasquez's new album 'earth music 2' which is released nov 5th. I reckon its the 'Murk Baby Got Dub' btw.

That vocal is from an old skool tune, cant think of which one it is off the top of my head though! It had a whoa yeah loop like in rob base vs dj ez rock.... Well anyway... :D
I think there's more than one Peter Rauhofer Mix btw. Do you have the:
'Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix'?

His ones are the newer of the bunch?
It is by Murk - but under there Liberty City name . It's on Murk Records - released in 1992 !!

Got a copy at home !!! Quality record.
Hey Nish,

sounds like you have a very good weekend in store!! :p :p

So, what would my usual tricks be then?? ;) Well....the answers yes! ;)

Went out last night, really good night and i can even remember some of it for once!Lots of mates up this weekend so will be out saturday.

Not heard that tune yet....i'll go have a listen
comin' at ya said:
It is by Murk - but under there Liberty City name . It's on Murk Records - released in 1992 !!

Got a copy at home !!! Quality record.

cheers :) does it have that "whoa.. yeah..." loop in it? I have it on tape somewhere but it was a mix tape so i cant remember whether that whoa yeah was from the song before/after :)