Tune ID (from Cocoon & Monza closing)


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Heard this tune everywhere last week -- can someone ID it? Vath played it at Cocoon, and so did MANDY at the Monza closing.

There's a spanish guitar lick that this clip doesn't pick up, but that's the most distinctive element of the song....

Anyone, please?? Gotta track it down!

i think you mean
ilario alicante- vacaciones en chile
heard it on monza closing played by raresh luciano n villalobos

Thanks for the note -- if it was vacaciones in chile, it was a new remix, b/c it def wasn't the original. Also it was mandy who played it at monza (in the cocoloco room). here is the video from that night, with the clip of the tune (more audible than the cocoon vid).

still think it's a new remix to vacaciones in chile? or something else altogether?

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So turns out this is Timo Maas "Subtellite" on Cocoon's label. Just released last week. No relation to the Chile tune.