Tune? (Amnesia)



Can anyone tell me the name of this track. Oliver played it at Amnesia and the crowd went mad. It's pumping/tribal house with an arabian touch.
A man sings "Oh" and a woman sings a thing like "Lalalakhalikhali".

Hope you can help me because I really want to find this track :p
Hmm u got anymore details? At the moment all i can think of is:

acapulco - the ambush

but thats a bit more trance/progressive really
No it's not acapulco.

More details, ok I'm gonna try. As I said it's fresh pumping/tribal House with an oriental loop. The oriental loop starts filtered and after it begins opened. There's a break with only percussion and the oriental loop and just after the break we hear a man sings "oh" and a woman sings in arabian a thing like "lalakhalikhali" "lalakhalikhali".

It's only what I can remember. Hope you can help me :D
Mighty dub catz Magic carpet ride has that sample ..hope this helps