tuesdays at amnesia?



Anyone know whats happening at amnesia on tuesday nights after gatecrasher leaves the island?
No, but I can't wait to find out!

I get there on 3rd September the day after Gatecrasher's closing! BAH!
good question
naturally i don't know (always the last to know0

ANYONE help out the bloke and the kling?
i wonder if it might be GK....or are they completely out of the picture?
a 100 views and not many replies; does that mean that it hasnt been announced :rolleyes:
looked at the 2 supposed residents for GC at Amnesia

Corsten only had june dates on his site...

Van Buuren had dates right thru the season but NO dates for ibiza...it does say that not all are listed but where theres smoke etc etc
yeah daniel but the rumours are flying due to the lack of announcements by either GC or Tidy

even the natives on the GC Messageboard are getting restless
Marco V will be playing for GC,

don't know if he is resident or a guest