well if you book through your hols rep.its gonna cost a bomb.cheaper to do it d i y.but i think the island trip is the best one tui do.worth the money.ok your all together in a group.and set times when you go on tui trips.

again when tony see this.he will be able to tell you more.not sure i have not really looked if any of the shops there do trips.i have a car,
I think it's possible to catch a day return small ferry from Es Canar-Formentere & some shop's around Es Canar sell Island sight seeing excursions aswell but i can't say at what cost.
Ibiza is the world on your plate. If i knew your ages what you like eat wear and breathe i could tailor your trip to ibiza
Pretty sure Zodiac office sells trips (also book swap) :lol: you will see it on a little walk around,or just ask.
If not, then almost opposite, (well a bit down towards the corner) car and bike hire,money exchange etc,don't know a name.

But as woodruffe say's sometimes better diy ,a lot of trips are little better than the usual bus service !!

Can't say much more,because you don't really give any clue of the sort of thing you are interested in seeing,or places you want to go ??
Environment & Culture:
Time 3 hours. Through gorgeous typical landscapes to a 17th-century farm house where Snacks are served while you take in the typical Ibizan culture of yesteryear preserved unto this day. Then, through Sant Carles, we will take you to an ecological plantation with exotic crops: pawpaw, avocados, pomegranites etc.
Finally moving on to enjoy the peacefulness of an isolated cove before returning to Es Canar.
Departing from Platja d´Es Canar: 3:30 p.m. Lasting 3 hours

taken from home page you walk down hill to beach prom will see this train parked up.check boards for prices.
If you send me a private message with your surname I will leave a message at the Ereso to take you to Santa Gertrudis for lunch one day after 13th if you fancy bread tomate, cheese, ham and wine.
Well two more sleeps to go. Would like to thank you all for all the information you have given me and if the people in Ibiza are half as friendly as you have been we will feel very welcome.

Special thanks to Tony for his very kind offer and all the advice he has given me and also to woodruffe for all the information he has shared.

Thanks again to you all and have a great holiday when you go.

have a nice time.relax and enjoy it.not long for me now 27th may.say no problem at all passing on info you need.its just nice to get a bit of background info before you go.its now down to you to make the most of it.wether you take advance given or just go with the flow.

tell you now best laid plans never work plan a day out.but night before you end up getting in plan anight out somewhere.and people you have met invite you out somewhere esle.thats how it goes.
ten to one you don;t get much sleep.depends if its a early flight.but if its later say 2pm you should drop off
Its not till 5pm so Might get some zzzzzzzzzzz's but you are right nevver sleep well before holiday. That reminds me I will need to see about late check out. See head full of stuff
you will get kicked oit at noon,unless to can charm the pants of them.normal price is around £36.00 till 7pm.when do you fly back (time