Trip to Ibiza in July



Whats up all :p

I am planning on going to Ibiza in early July but I have a couple Q's hopefully you Ibiza veterans can answer.

1) How do most people get to Ibiza....ferry from Valencia?

2) Are the foam parties only Sundays at Amnesia?

3) Is Tunnel Trance Force night at Privilege worth it cause I love those CD's?

4) What is the average cover charge for clubs?

Thanks.....and I will probably have more Q's to come,


most people fly to ibiza.....

i think the foam parties on wed and sunday at amnesia, not 100% sure on that...

Tunnel trance was on at privilege the last two years but again i don't think it was very popular, so i'm not sure if its going to be on this year...

in july the entrance to the clubs will cost anythong from 30 to 50 euros...
nagofi said:
2) Are the foam parties only Sundays at Amnesia?


Nope, also on a Wednesday night. La Troya. More popular with Spanish locals and gay clubbers. Top night, and different!
Thanks for the quick reply Robo and Aaron :p

Also how do u think is a reasonable amount to pay for a hotel room per day in early July? I want to stay in either San Antonio or Playa den bossa and I definitely would rather be spending my money on good food and good clubbing instead of hotels.

When will the lineups for the clubs come out? I really want to see Ferry Corsten and Paul Van Dyke.