trip to Ibiza for New Year's, worth it?



Just wanting some help here. :D I am curious to know if a trip to Ibiza is worth the time and money for the dates of December 29th through January 2nd? If so tell me where to go. If not please tell me why. Please include as much detail as possible. Thank you

Its good, but not like the summer. Most of the djs that play there over new year are resident island djs. It has a good underground party feel to it. The atmosphere will be electric and the clubs that are open will be full. In my opinon for nye pacha is the place to go, but get there late 2, 3 in the morining, then go to space and spend new years day on the terrace. I think most of the bars n ibiza town open as well.

The weather will not be as hot as the summer, but it should be nie and warm.