Tribal/tech house + techno


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Hi, can anyone recommend any good tribal/tech house or techno nights?

only the last two years i went i was only into trance and hardhouse, now im getting into other sounds but am not to cluded up on who plays what..

I've hard about cocoon so will prob go there, any other decent nights at pacha or el divino tho??

there are no techno nights at pacha or el divino

when satoshi tommie plays at pacha for def mix it can be quite techy, as that is what he plays. Check the listings to see when he is playing.

other than that there aren't any proper techno nights other than cocoon@amnesia
here is a list of what nights are on at pacha this year

def mix
roger sanchez

its mainly housey but obviously different djs play a different style of house, underwater tends to be a bit more techy i sopose with darren emerson...
inside at space after midnight last year on sundays featured James Zabelia, Laylo + Bushwacka, Tyrant regularly. Not every week though.

Pacha/El Devino are not really suited to tech. Cocoon for techno for sure.
Some of the nights at Pacha do play that type of music - the Ministry nights had some good DJ's playing exactly that sort of deep house/tribal sound. H-Foundation were particuarly good.

Check the listings and go where the DJ's are.
didn't know that comin, i've always avoided ministry nights a) out of principle b)coz ive heard they are always too rammed
hello rusty !!!

yes I know what you mean about being rammed and the principal thing -

but I always look at the DJ's never the club and go where I know I am gonna here the sort of stuff I like. I ended up only doing two clubs last year cos they had the only line-ups I was interested in and it was just coincidence that these fell on the ministry days.

Good nights though and cos the DJ's weren't the 'big' DJ's they were not in the main room and hence less people and more room !!! :D

Just find out where Tyrant are going to be playing and your problems are solved. :D