Tribal Gathering Warehouse party!


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To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Tribal Gathering we are taking you to mental party, in a secret Manchester warehouse.

TRIBAL GATHERING The Warehouse Party

Saturday 23rd August 2pm - 6am

A Guy Called Gerald (LIVE)/Deep Dish/Derrick Carter/ DJ Marky & MC Stamina/DJ Sneak/DJ Yoda/Greg Vickers/Gilles Peterson/Groove Armada (DJ set)/Jeff Mills/Krafty Kuts/Krysko/Laurent Garnier/Photek presents Do or Die/Scratch Perverts/The Rapture(LIVE)/+ many more artists to be announced

This is not a festival

On Saturday August 23rd, thousands of smiling faces will take over two huge warehouse rooms in Manchester. These will become the backdrop for the most immense party you've ever seen.

Back in 1988-1989, Warehouse Parties ruled. Motorways across the nation were filled with crazy people asking the question 'Where's the Acid House Party?' The sense of adventure and mystery, of not knowing where you were going and meeting up in a convoy of thousands was half the enjoyment. This innocent culture did not last too long. Laws were introduced to combat these social radicals. The dancing went back to the clubs. The legacy that Warehouse parties started back in 1988-1989 became a multi-million pound dance music industry, but much of the original soul seems lost now.

Tribal Gathering, the only legacy left of the Acid House years, celebrates its 10t Anniversary and bucks the trend again, producing an event onlt seen before in those early years. For one day only over the August Bank Holiday the dance music masses will descend upon Manchester to find a secret location. Two dirty interconnecting warehouses where a brand new Funktion 1 sound system will arrive on six 40ft articulated lorries (just like back in the day).

This event is about quality not quantity - up to twenty of dance music's most exciting names will step up to host this special event. As with last year's immense Tribal Gathering Weekender, all artistes will be playing longer extended sets designed to take you on a real musical journey. Even the original organisers of those acid house parties have been found, helping us make sure that these Tribal Warehouses really do transport you back to the raging atmosphere of those first historic excursions into dance.

Two weeks afterwards those monster constructions are to be demolished to make way for a new development, but for that one day Manchester will rumble and stomp to the noise of a huge family of Tribalists, each helping to push the boundaries a bit further. Tribal wants you to polish your rave boots and get your friends together. Climb in your car and follow the signs to Madchester.

Price £27* + booking fee
2 dirty interconnecting warehouses
16 hours of acid house madness
Info/0161 661 9668/
Tickets/0161 832 1111/

*Before July 1st
Subject to license


For that price I hope they provide toilets .. hehe .. the one party I went to I had to piddle in a dark corner!

Sounds good ... not for me though, too big ... I like my nights small and chunky!


Me and few others are going, Tribal Gathering last November was spot on.


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I might go but I'm really gonna have to fight the, "It aint what it used to be!" syndrome.
Tribal Gathering is not the same organisation at all. Universe was the holding company and they went into receivership twice...Once at the end of 1993 following the original big love in Wiltshire. Following this, one of the founder members reformed the organisation with the mean fiddler (which is now a half baked version called homelands) which ended in a row and Tribal Gathering 1998 (independant from MF & funded by heavy sponsorship) was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.
This warehouse party is gonna be wicked but the name means absolutely nothing to me.


Two problems for me with this one.





Manchester = Fantastic!!!!!
Warehouse = Job Done!!!!!

Proper pikey old skool stylee!


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Line-up is pretty damn tasty, but thing that puts me off is what are toilets going to be like, queues etc..........festivals are fine cos they're tried and tested but this is one-off in warehouse that they're going to demolish 2 wks after. Been to too many big events where organisation has been $hit. God you can tell I'm getting old :rolleyes: :eek: :p


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As a bloke, i really don't care about these things called toilets

Skanky is good, as long as the security dont let too many dodgy people in. Still it could be worse, it could be held in manchester, erm...hang on... i'll get back to you on that one.


rustywoo said:
As a bloke, i really don't care about these things called toilets

Skanky is good, as long as the security dont let too many dodgy people in. Still it could be worse, it could be held in manchester, erm...hang on... i'll get back to you on that one.

Mancunians are alright, it's scouser's like Nish you want to look out for