Travelling PDB to San An and back in one day


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If I wanted to travel from PDB to San An and back would it be practical to do so in a day? I'm on my own, so cost-wise it would have to be by bus. I'm in a Fiesta hotel, so can eat in others, therefore have 2 options, either go to San An 10am and return 5pm-ish, or alternatively eat at a Fiesta hotel in San An and come home 10pm-ish. Do buses run that late? Would I need to go via Ibiza Town?

Any other thoughts any of you locals? Cheers. :)
which hotel are you in?. yes do easy get a bus 14 that runs through pdb to ibiza town.walk up the road to main ticket office.on left side is the ticket boxes last one you need.get ticket for san san bus number 3.walk out office turn right.bus stop 20 yards up road.just near the crossing,

they run every 1/2 ok.last one back is could get the disco bus back as well.when you get back to ibiza town say at that time,you will just need to get a taxi.

its a very cheap way of getting time is you time it right 1 hour if that.i can get abus from pdb at 7.20pm.get the 8pm bus to san an.and be there at 8.25pm.all depends of traffic.

you must book other hotel to eat 24hours before you cannot just turn up.when you going anyway.hotel palmyra would be the nearest one for you.
Great stuff Woody, just what I needed. Staying in Don Toni, yeah Palmyra would be the main (possibly only) suitable one, and I've never been there before so would be good to visit. I expect its a bit more '18-30' crowd than Don Toni, be nice to see a new Fiesta hotel though. :)
about the same really.very mixed group of people use both hotels.when you going need help in finding Palmyra hotel from bus station in san an.just walk down a alley from station.follow growd really.gets you to the egg island.walk across road to beach area.turn left really or straight across island road.its on the right hand side on main road.

where you see a red a is 1st map thats the station.
Top bloke Woody, very helpful again. I remember seeing the Egg before so shouldn't be too hard to find the hotel from the bus station. As it happens, I'm actually flying very early tomorrow morning, arriving in Ibiza about 9.30am or thereabouts - can't wait!

I actually enjoy the hotel entertainment normally (particularly when travelling alone) so I might do my 'San An' day whenever Don Toni has its 'noche tranquila' (i.e. no entertainment). Alternatively if that's a Sunday again like it was in May, then I might just go to Space instead! 8)

PS If any of the regulars are there that week n fancy a beer let me know. :)