Travelling from the uk to Ibiza. :)



Here goes! Another brain picking question for you all!!

I live in the uk, I want to drive/ travel to Ibiza and have a holiday over there, getting my accomodation when there or booking over the internet etc etc. The reason I would like to drive is because I wish to take a jetski with me to play on while over there. So obviously I will need accomodation that will also be able to provide suitable parking / security etc for said item/s. Which is the best way?? Dover to calais? Southampton to south of France? Channel tunnel? Then what? travel to barcelona and accross on the ferry or Denia and accross?? I know it's loads of questions but please can someone help, I've never travelled this far before.

Thanks very much.

Robin. (batty)
This is something I've always wanted to do, I really envy you.
I'd probably do the tunnel and then drive as I'm not that keen on ferries. Once you're in the south of spain I think the Denia crossing is the shortest.
I suppose your route depends on what you want to take in on the way. We're doing a driving tour of Andalucia in August before heading to Ibiza on the ferry from Denia
These are both excellent for route planning in europe...