Travellin alone



has any one gone to Ibiza alone and had a good time? should you go with friends or can ya still have just as good a time by yourself.
and why would you want to go alone?

thats shite

im sure most people meet up with other like minded people anyway!!!
Well, I'm about to go out there on my own - because all of my mates are married/skint/out of holiday allowance, and why should I let that stop me from doing what I want to do? :p

I fully expect to get talking to other people out there- and even if I don't, I'm still gonna have an amazing time! 8)

So Royboy - do whatever you want to, but if that means going solo, just do it!

Nic (who will also have the added benefit of a room to herself....make of that what you will :twisted: )