Traveling to Ibiza with CBD oil?

Hi Guys,

How strict is Barcelonas airport and Ibiza's airport with CBD oil?
It's legal here in the USA and my research shows its also LEGAL in the EU and Barcelona.
I want to bring a 1oz tincture of CBD oil with me to Ibiza.
It has less than 0.3% THC which is the legal limit and abides by the laws and regulations.

Has anyone traveled with it before?


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I'm always on the lookout for some level of pain relief after having a cervical disk implant about a year ago. I have found hemp derived products have helped with pain and overall well-being. The product xxx is no exception. It has a nice fresh mint flavor to it making it very manageable to take. Some reviewers have notated an aftertaste but I found it to be like having an after dinner mint. Yes, there is some residual flavor, but it is a pleasant experience. Additionally, I appreciate that this company is a family owned enterprise.

nice bit of advertising ?


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You can take CBN ( cannabinol ) with you as it’s not a psychoactive substance at all ( as well as CBD). Btw, CBD has strong sedative effects, even much stronger than nicotine. Also, it invokes neither physiological nor psychological dependence. Though, according to some studies, physiological dependence occurs only in 10-20% of cases. But again, there are a lot of conflicting studies, so the studies are not the ultimate truth, and therefore the harmful effects of cannabis have not yet been definitively proven. However, that regards only cannabis with THC, but not CBD smoking concentrate. CBD smoking concentrate rendered me great help in giving up smoking cigarettes. I was a heavy smoker and tried out many different ways to give it up, but nothing helped. It was lasting till I suddenly found out that CBD is used as a treatment for tobacco dependence. After I tried it out, I was extremely surprised by its efficiency. But now I mostly use CBD oil or
CBD in form of sweets, which I pick up at buy weed online in Canada, one of the top dealers in this field, to get relaxed. Indeed, it helps you to relax much deeper than nicotine, and invokes no addiction, unlike cigarettes.
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