Has anyone gone through a travel agency to go to ibiza??? Can they save you money and is it even worth it? :p thanks bye bye
I went through BringItOn! which is located in NYC. They put together a very competitively priced package and I thought the service was great. Don't get the premier packages though, just go for the basic ones and have your own fun.....They have a website, And no, I don't work for them :D
lol thanks a lot i'm looking into them..... now as for renting cars, is there ANY PLACE i can rent a car being 18.
i dont know if it is different being in america but, i found my holiday to ibiza really cheap on the internet so i printed of all the details took them into the travel agents and asked them if they could match or beat the price. They said they would match the price so i ended up getting it for £200 cheaper than the brochure price.
wow, good deal lol i wanna try and bargain everything down. I'm sure i could find a way if not o well! i'm going anyway