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Can anyone recommend a company they have used to transfer money from abroad and into a Spanish bank account?


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A copy of something I posted on another forum.

I used Sterling exchange for mine , over 20,000 better than the bank !!!!! another trick to it is get the exchange companies to bid against each other, I had sterling and another,,,, FX exchange if I remember ?
When you talk to them , ask if the price they give you is there best possible price, they say of course it is, say,,,, so I have to phone round other companies, If any of them offer me better than you, Is it worth phoning you back to attempt to beat it ? they say yes, we will beat it, you say well get your calculator out and give me your best price then
as you have already said you can beat the price you have given me !!!!

Do the same with another company (do not tell either what the other is offering at this stage)

Round 2 , By this stage both of them will be phoning you if you give them a chance
play them against each other till you get the lowest you think you can, they will both be giving you ," Thats the best I can do, can we close on that " but say , I have to phone the other cause he said he would beat any price, keep this up till the reduction each time is not worth messing with,
took me most of the day but I saved an extra 2700, got the companies undercutting each other by £5 at the end, and closed the deal 5 mins before the close of markets,

Another useful thing is forward pricing, you can agree an exchange rate today for an exchange in the future and secure it with a deposit, usually 10% but again by playing the companies got mine down to 5%,

Have a good one

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