Transfer from Airport to Playa D'en Bossa

Hi all :)

I'm new to the Forum and an Ibiza Virgin! I have been looking at this Forum for the past couple of weeks and have appreciated reading everyone's reviews on their experiences on the Island.

I am flying to Ibiza on Thursday and am looking for transfer to Hotel Garbi in Playa D'en Bossa. I've had a quote of 30 Euros from VIAJES URBIS and this seems a little steep to me but having not been to Ibiza before I wouldnt know the average taxi prices.

Please can someone let me know if this price is reasonable? VIAJES URBIS want me to prepay with my credit card but I wanted to check with more experienced people if this price is about right before I did.

Thank you
Get a taxi - a lot cheaper than 30 euros! Ok you might have to wait at the taxi rank for a bit (tip - get your bags off the carousel at the airport asap and run like hell outside to beat the queues!!!).

Thanks for your replies people. I think I wont prebook the transfer and will jump in a taxi outside the arrivals! Will take your advice though Bazarama! Thankfully we're not going peak season so fingers crossed we wont be waiting too long :)