trance in ibiza



i only bin ibiza once last year and it was wicked but am goin this year :D ... Is it me or is the trance scene not the thing any more. :confused: .. I know it seems massive over there and the biggest nights are trance and they always seem very packed out but everyone iv spoken to about ibiza seem to be more into the house side of things. infact i dnt kno ne1 really whos properly into it ? IS it dying ?/ :cry: Im confused.. where r the trance heads,. or is it more a holland/german thing.
I love trance, but I love house aswell so Ibiza's great for me! My boyfriend isn't over keen on house though so we have to come to an understanding when we're there!
it's changed

ibiza has deversified.

and can thend to follow trends

their are soem good trance nights left. cream, tonic clockwork.

but the house market seems to be this year big thing only drown bak is it's all genrally in ibiza town and not san an.