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This is one that could maybe go in the alternative to clubs thread.

It's a small bar in San Antonio, directly accross the road from the Florencio apartments. It's a bar called Tramutuna, I was in it a couple of times last week. It opens at 8am, has a garden in the back with a huge palm tree dominating, which keep it in the shade. There are seats with cushions all around and it's really chilled out! Would highly reccommend it either for chilling out in the mornings after clubbing, or just for some alternative lazy afternoons. There's chill out music in the background and a really chilled out vibe. The logo for the bar is 'good vibes and good times' and it certainly lives up to its name.
so is this bar attached to the apartmentos tramuntana then ye?
cause me and a few friends are staying there this year
and would anyone be able to tell me what the apartments are like?

also have 4 friends staying in the torres
would anyone be able to tell me what the apartments are like?

The apartments are spot on, very basic but its all you need. Not far from Eden & Es Paradis, & only a street away from the West End

We had loads of problems with the owner, not letting us check in for over an hour because he was still having his tea was the start of it. Apart from him being an arse, I couldnt fault it

The only thing I would say is bubble wrap everything in the apartment, the door handles especially love falling off all the time!!
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