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funky type of track, girl on the vocal. lyrics go something like;

you move me, oh, oh you move me
why, does it feel so right,
you make me feel so right
oh, oh, you move me

You move me one more time
Why does it feel so right,
you make me feel so nice
oh u move me

I feel so new,
coz of u

etc etc
blah blah blah

and this one might be an old one, dont laugh

might be called 'is this heaven'

im feelin happy in a very special way its coz of you
just like the memory of a warm and sunny day, I think of you,
have i finally seen the light of a man called mr right,
is this heaven?
he is all essentially, he everything to me, is this heaven

im feelin love
(screaming this bit out like)

Nice1 people! :p
First one is 'Sodex - move me'

The fastback mix is nice, the backing samples 'chic - i want your love'. the 'Night Liner Roman Salzger Remix' is wicked though, a bit more proggy house but really thumpin :)

Not sure about the 2nd one yet