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I'm sure we all have them.. do you have any specific routines or days/ways you go about things, an order or well planned day/night you regularly carry out?

For example:

The first night I get to Ibiza almost always goes like this (especially if with people who haven't been before)

-Sunset at the sunset strip
-Head over to Ibiza Town
-Plenty of people watching, visit a few bars, nice long walk around
-Outdoor meal somewhere

I find that's a good way to give virgin friends a good taste of what to expect over the next couple of weeks.
My first day in Ibiza usually goes like this:

Drop luggage at apartment
get showered and changed
go for a walk around the area where our apartment/hotel is
go get a carry-out (alcohol) to do us for the week (pre-drinking before going out etc.)
Watch sunset, few drinks
go for dinner at kanya etc.
West end for a few drinks (even tho it annoys me but it's just for the first nite)

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