tracks for 2021


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The Streets - who’s got the bag (21st June)

The Streets - Weak become heroes

Seth Troxler finished with that tune on his Danny T set a couple of weeks ago.

I saw the streets play Hyde park in 2009 in one of the back up marquees - he had a couple of thousand watching him and then all the kids left because dizee rascal was on the main stage. He looked lost.

I’m glad he’s back.

Mr Brightside1978

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Seen the streets a few times in glasgow back in the early 00’s

Still listen to Original Pirate Material now & then..quality album especially turn the page..Sure this has dropped into Solomuns set a few times 👌🏻



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saw The Streets live at Brixton 2003. one of the worst gigs ever. all the poetry from the CD lost in the performance. Skinner trying to act all geezer on stage. a bit embarrassing really. which was a shame because 'weak become heroes' was a work of art & obv struck a chord with those who knew. (top ashley beedle/royksopp remixes)


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big fan of Blue Soul.. that bill withers dub was my tune of 2020

this is very different. the right moody energy. amazing how many ideas people can still squeeze out of a rumbling acid line 35 years alter 🔥

Inspiring. I bought myself two TD-3's recently for a dawless setup.
Have to work on my skills, but basically you can't get a bad sound out of it.