tracks for 2021

another classic remade (again :/ ):

kaiser souzai - the man with the red face (classic redux)

original (2000):

laurent garnier - the man with the red face

popular remake (2008):

man with the red face - mark knight, funkagenda


I think Tornado Wallace did a better job.

Link with the "Tastes Like Freedom" pop-single is far-fetched if you ask me; more like a fully-fledged Garnier rework.

Santa dropping by for the hard hitters: Lobster Theremin doing 40% off (*) on their entire collection 🎄🎅
(*)Without ridiculous lossless fee disclaimers you get from beatport


Love that Narciss summer release (might have posted it before), flares up the old hard trance raver's heart ❤️🖤🤎💚🤍💛💜🧡💙

So yeah 2021. "the great vinyl revival" the truth is I don't buy anything new. Can't afford it. No point. I only pick up old stuff. A few UK people I know who make music are also hesitant about putting things out right now cos the holy sinity [Sheeran, Adele and Coldsore] are hogging all the pressing plants for their er hordes of vinyl enthusiast fans, so the queues are long + brexit has fcked exports of UK vinyl... slow handclap all concerned. Ridiculous sums of money are expected to change hands at customs now. So I don't bother. Stick to flea markets and dusty shops and ignore hype of any kind.

....unless of course there is something new/amazing that catches my ear. For digi, I support bandcamp where/when I can, although I have to be selective because you can easily get completely swamped by instant, nice-sounding bits that age badly. Filling up unclassified folders on your computer never to be heard again. I prefer vinyl. It has value. It is tangible and sounds so much better. But hey ho. It is what it is.

At an estimate, I'd say 95% of all dance music I hear now is disposable crap. Maybe if I was addled in the dance, it might acquire new transcendental meaning, but I'm not out very much these days. If at all. That's the reality. The embers of prog, trance, "melodic", even most house now, whatever, it means nothing to me, some sonic masturbatory experimentation by some entry-level Ableton user in Warsaw clogging up mixcloud or some random (bot?) who follows me (driven by some strange algorithm or for other reasons unknown) with obviously no interest in the music I enjoy.

So in a way, finding the music I do like is that much more of a mission. More rewarding when I strike lucky. Luckily there are still people out there with the knowledge, commitment and passion. It's not easy doing anything original in music because thousands of new tracks are released each week and everything is in some way derivative. Of course, if you don't really care then it doesn't matter. If however you're like me and good music is necessary for your very mental and emotional wellbeing, then it kinda matters a lot.

I'd like to thank the music producers who I think made a difference and enhanced my 2021. I'm talking about Mushrooms Project, Alex Kassian, Residentes Balearicos, Auf Togo, The Two Mamarrachos, Jype & Renato, Coyote, Hardway Brothers, Craig Bratley, Woodleigh Research Facility amongst many others and of course the people playing the music: Sean's excellent EBS show, S/A/M and Andy Wilson in IBZ, Apiento on NTS, Steve on 1BTN, David and Gonzo on Barcelona's DubLab and Paramida On The Rocks.

Hopef 2022 will be better on all levels. And with that I'm checking out of here. Too much reality to deal with over xmas including an eye op in about 48 hours time. Yikes.

Have a good one #SupportGoodMusic

Hasta la pasta