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Sofi Tukker is a reasonably new development... The name, Sofi Tukker, is actually a combination of two names - the primary member's and her bandmate's. I don't really know if there are more than two people in the group, but it wouldn't be hard to find out.

Honestly, one of the main things that I dread about production is the workload - I don't want to sit on Ableton (or whatever software) all day. It's simply not my bag.

So their dynamic is conducive to a more realistic creative platform. I think too when you share ideas you've conquered the monster that artists live with... their idea, whether accepted or rejected is ownership and intrinsically tied to their mental health.

Well, these ideas are probably coming from two people - at least that's my guess.

This is Sofi Tukker.

Here are some European tour dates for Amadou & Mariam.


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new 'keinemusik' album called 'send return' will be released on 12 november - prelisten here: