Tracks for 2018


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Original obvs to split opinion on here no doubt

Personally like it (i think)


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Struggling to find this track played by Sven b2b Koze from Wednesday just gone. A truly incredible, mesmerizing moment. Nothing from Shazam. Would love to find this incredible piece of music.
If anyone else was interested I've managed to track down this record. I'm not sure whether it was Sven or Koze that played it but this really is a gem.

&ME - In Your Eyes... due out on Pampa on 17/09.


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... it all culminated with this track. ordinarily i would hate this in theory, my fave Can record mutilated by a sledgehammer kickdrum but it actually was a lot of fun & i’m guessing quite big elsewhere?

Felt indifferent to this track. Always seemed like a cheap pop to get a big casual clubber reaction. But I have to admit, I went a bit bonkers when Beyer played it on Wednesday morning. Mob mentality :lol: Harmless, if formulaic.

It's definitely within the Top 10 most played tunes on the island this summer.