tracklisting of circolocco vol 2


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heard about the release of this cd in this forum...
any1 know the tracklisting of this cd?who mixed each side?i hope 2 side of funky house & not with one of deep house or chill out music :x like cd sorry we r circolocco..
how long the bonus dvd last?price in ibiza? (harbor or megamusic in san an..)
coz if it worth..gonna give the money to a friends to buy it in ibiza...
Definately get it, it's wicked!
No funky house though at all I'm afraid, you'd never find that at circoloco.
It's nice, dark and tribal and both cds are the same style.
One is mixed by Tania Vulkano and the other is mixed by Fabrizio.
It's worth buying for the DVD alone (I think it's about 15 mins at the most but really good footage - not sure if the UK edition will include the DVD)
8) thanx Robder..think i'm gonna give the money to my friend to get me
circolocco 2 (in add of the cd el divino 2003 that i advice to all people in here..the 2003 house compilation! :D )
Mitsumadness said:
ive got sorry we are cirro loco and im not really into it, so would you advise me not to bother with the 2nd

Don't buy it then becuase you won't like this one either....but like I said, if you're into the club then the dvd is the ultimate souvenir.
I bought it directly at DC10 and it's 25€ for the special edition with the dvd and it's soooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!
FallenangelGparsons said:
any1 know the tracklisting of this cd?

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Just Us (dub) - Sub Level
2. Wondirlust - Lawn chaer-generales u dirty ep
3. Do It To The Music - Grant Dell & Gareth Oxby pres Tribulation
4. An Afternoon with Steve Edwards - Reset
5. Sondido Profundo(original reprise)- Loudeast
6. Turn It Up (joeski’s funky dub) - 2 Vibe
7. Release the Tension - DJ Buck
8. Phat Dope (vocal mix) - Locodice
9. Common - Tania Vulkano
10. Spiritual Battery - Paul Jays
11. Dark Light - Indaba
12. The First One - Jose De Divina
13. Stay Gold (original mix) - Deep Dish
14. What Colour is Love (red jerry original dub) - RJ Project

Disc: 2
1. Ya’ Self - Mutiny
2. Bedroom Specialist - Harold Heath
3. La Luna - Dr Kucho + Wally Lopez
4. Drty Skankin House - Audiodrive
5. Dirty Grooves - Rulers of the Deep
6. What I Need - Random Factor
7. Balearic - Diva
8. Million Dreams - Sombionix
9. Appetizer - Ben Grassani & Juan Mejia
10. Jam V1 - Presslaboys
11. Peace for Children - Presslaboys feat. Christine Johnson

Disc: 3
1. Footage from the infamous Monday sessions