tracklisting of cd privilège ibiza 2003 please!


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saw that this cd was released this month but no piece of information about the tracklisting..
if any1 got the tracklisting,please help me coz wonder if i should give the money to a friend to pick me it @ fnac barcelona...
:confused: seems there r only a few people keen on spanish dj...i found it by my own :lol:
Privilege Ibiza 2003 - CD1 Mixed by Sebastian Gamboa

01.Stereopol - Dancing Tonight
02.Deepah Ones - Freak
03.Benassi Bros. Presents Violeta - I Love My Sex :evil:
04.Static Revenger - So High
05.The Cat & Mr Cool Feat Lead John-Pierre - Number One
06.House Media Player - Turn Me Out!
07.Nuboy & Sebastian Gamboa - Journey Into The Keys
08.Funky Dream Men - House if Rhythm
09.Bite Feat Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night
10.Miango - Mussiki E
11.Tango & Dave Most - the Plane
12.Just A Man - I'm Sorry :evil:
13.Robbie Rivera Presents 68 Beats - Afterhours (To The Underground)
14.Full Moon Project Feat Manuela - Sunshine
15.Stephan M - the Tribe Has Spoken
16.Lee-Cabrera - Special 2003
17.Frankie G. - Life
18.Sizequeen - I Am Ready
19.Antonio Escobar - Wild Man

Privilege Ibiza 2003 - CD2 Mixed by Cesar Del Rio

01.Sany Rivera and Gr69 - Trouble
02.Dj Lima - Johnny in Toruble
03.Indart Meets Plaza Crew - in Destiny
04.Victor Magen - Siaka Mambo
05.Wally Lopez & Cesar Del Rio - Nixon Tells The Truth :confused:
06.Lazy Grace - How Deep is Your Love :)
07.Antoine Clamaran Feat Lulu Hughes - Release Yourself :evil:
08.X-Press 2 - Muzik X-Press :evil:
09.Victor Magan & Diego S. - Precious
10.Jay Tripwire Presents - Huffing Glue Behing The Shed
11.Juan Maggan - Compassion
12.Stephane Malca - Revolution
13.Nick Dem Q. - Headhunter
14.Juan Magan & Cesar Del Rio Meets Elias De Castro - Confussion

Privilege Ibiza 2003 - CD3 Chill Out Session

01.Lil Devious - Come Home
02.Zuell - Climax Part 1.0
03.The Cat & Mr. Cool - Words Without Sense
04.Transcendental - Bionic
05.Paradigma - Chilling
06.Humo - Music Dont Stop
07.Galera - Sexy & Cool
08.Humo - Natural Elements
09.Victory - Check it Out
10.Static Revenger - Happy People
11.Environmental - My Own Guitar
12.Utopia - We Feel the Same
13.Electronic Soul - Atlantis
14.Iio - Rapture
15.Utopia - Alone in the Sea
16.2 Heads - Out of the City
17.Full Intention Presents Shena - I'll Be Waiting
18.Charly Fath - Sos
19.The Key Searchers - Special Test
20.G Star Presents Big World Feat Inusa - Morning Light