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Has anyone heard a new tune with a sample from an old Boston (soft rock group) track "Long time". Ive heard it played by fatboy and norman jay. it goes.
Its got a brimful of asha style guitar break then

ive been taking my time,
just moving around
something something something (high pitched)
and i ll take what i want
something something something (high pitched).

Quit odd track, like a soft rock/ house hybrid. any info would be appreciated
Not sure of the first one, the second one is Shakedown - At Night. Top tune!
Its OK, ive got it.

Im talking about the new static revenger (of "Get Down (happy people)" fame) tune. Its called Long time and its the absolute nuts.

(I know the second tune is at night. Its my current fave hence part of my signiture!)
sorry! didn't realise until i'd already posted that it's your signature! What a dummy! :oops: