Tourist numbers down


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Well it does not surprise me although on Monday I am returning for my 37th time.

Over the last couple of years my personal experience of bars and restaurants over the island have shown a marked reduction in quality of food and quality of service.

Generally speaking, I have always tried to see the best in people but the standard of service and desire to provide the best in quality and attentiveness has fallen dramatically and is very sad to see.

A great shame but maybe this will be my last visit.
:confused:Hi Tony, are you talking about places you have known over the years, or that you have only recently visited? Places change hands all the time,and the results of those changes often do not please the regulars...

I am certainly no high diner, and never take advantage 0f a lonely champagne bucket, but the modest eating houses that I have enjoyed recently have shown nothing but welcome,friendliness and good service....:)

Yes it is places I have been for years - obviously staff change but I have found a lot of faults with Es Caliu and Skuma this year.
For the first year ever, I haven't been to Es Caliu and the one visit to Skuma was rubbish service - by our cousins from eastern europe. One of the visits to Zebra rewarded us with poor food so we are looking at can ribas in S.Eulalia to try and maybe have another meal at cheap and cheerful Daffers. Great shame Michel left casa piedra.
Less and less choice as so many restaurants are curry/pizza/chinese rubbish where I won't even cross the threshold and taxi fares have rocketed so much that to go further afield adds 50 - 80 euros to the evening cost.
The only alternative is for me to give up alcohol and drive - no that's just being silly..................
Still looking forward to tomorrow even though the weather looks c rap next week.
taxi fares have rocketed so much that to go further afield adds 50 - 80 euros to the evening cost.

Will just have to take your word for the rest of the points you'v made, but when you think about taxi costs think its just the same everywhere else isnt it, think thats more to do with rising petrol costs rather than Ibiza greed
It would be good to read a review on your return Tony?

Hope you have a cracker and you change your mind about the white isle, you old ibiza veteran. :lol::lol: