Tour Groups



I am planning a trip to Ibiza with a group of friends for next July. I found a tour group called

Has anyone ever used them? If so, would you recommend them.

I'm planning on about $1,000 (spending money) for 8 days 7 nights.

Is that a good amount or is it too low?

Does ne1 know of any other package deals?
I used them just this past summer. definitely worth the price but we didn't do the "tour" thing. we just used them for airfare / hotel. I would suggest upgrading to a nicer hotel / apartment, the ones we got were kinda dumpy. We stayed in platja de bossa, def. where you want to be!!

the worst thing about bring it on was the amount of stops / layovers to and from the US.

Where are you from?
In reply to the question about money - a hell of a lot of advice was given here

Hope that helps.

- Dave
I'm in Florida, So if I go through Bring It On, We'll leave from Miami

I work for a holiday company in the UK specalising in clubbing holiday to Ibiza in partership with Ministry of sound. We have dealt with lots of clients from the USA and should be able to help you. We can do either just the accomodation and you can fly directly from the US to Ibiza (we would also include some clubbing passes) or if you fly to the UK which is sometimes cheaper we can include flights too.

We do have a website with info and pictures - - although we are added some new stuff at the moment for 2003.

if you have any questions at all please email - or call the number below....... 8)