Top tip: Watch out for pickpockets at all times


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I was at elrow a few weeks back and an inflatable hit my phone as I was recording a video, phone flew flying into the crowd... then some girl picked it up and handed it right back. Got lucky!

The no phone idea is awful, one of my female friends never brings her and while we were at Sonus Croatia she got too drunk early in the night right as we lost her. We didn't see her again until the next afternoon. She didn't even know how she went from point A to point B or what happened to her. Scary stuff, we couldn't even try to call her since her phone was at the hostel the whole time.
Agreed... the sort of pickles we get ourselves in to in Ibiza I don't think its wise going out and not being able to contact your mates.


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My folks are just back from Tenerife, an ex Chelsea players parents were staying at same hotel. The father had his 40k rolex stolen from him:eek: it was a 70th birthday present from his son.. he only had it two weeks..


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Have all the african bangel women and lucky luckys finally f**** off around San An now the season is nearly over?

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I met a security guard for Pure Ibiza, one of the West End clubs that's at the bottom of the area and meets the next area where all the pickpocketers and stuff are, who actively makes an effort to prevent ppl from getting ripped off, I saw talk this one thief into giving back this other guy's wallet. That thief was working with a woman to steal from ppl. It was really interesting talking to him, He was great samiriton that probably saved many ppls vacations


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some mate had his carrera stolen from his eyes :eek:
Thanks lord it was fake 10€ cheap ones :lol: (i got real white new ones if someone in :p with discount)

some mate had his wallet stolen from his hand,loosing 150€ at pacha tuesday :eek:

if it happen to the pirate' ill show them the law of the pirate:Steal the pickpocket all his money and kick him badly :lol: even if they claim to have a knife i had skills on the butterfly knife, so knife wont afraid me :D unless under my throat :confused: i will shut my mouth but will be back more than angry :mad: with killing thoughts :oops:


Felt asleep on the quiet part of the beach in Santa Eulària, and someone stole my back pack next to me. Keys and a few items. Frustrating.


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Unlucky mate.
Shit that you can't even sunbath without fear of being robbed.
I take as little as possible to the beach and always at least hide it under towel, or if you plan on dozing off to sleep maybe tie your bag to wrist?


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Don't take a wallet, keep your money in your front pocket and keep your hand on it. Take a cheap camera phone with you and copy your mate's numbers from your sim onto the cheap phone and again keep it in your front pocket with your hand on it when moving from bar-to-bar. It won't deter muggers but it will make life much more difficult for pickpockets who tend to go for easy marks anyway.


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What's the situation like this year, i've not seen any reports on the buggers?

I thought i'd bump this thread up for anyone who wants a refresher course on tips!

For me it's a security belt under my shorts in the club with all I need in it. Don't over do it and vbecome easy pickings!?


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Was chilling with my missus at the bottom of the West End last summer, just sitting on those benches around midnight - 0100ish.

Easily spotted a little dodgy looking pickpocket crew dotted around a few doorways over a junction, looking for easy targets. Body language betrays them and I always pick up on their atmospherics. Usually they way they pass facial expressions back and forth to each other.

We would of told the police, but they were nowhere to be seen (in fact the police seemed very thin on the ground in San An last year)

The pickpockets noticed me blatantly observing them in absolute disgust, and moved away. Not that I would of confronted them or anything, it’s not worth the risk.

I’m always alert for these scumbags.


I remember at zoo project in like 2013 some pick pockets came up to me and waving some leaflets in my face pretending to have a laugh/distract me, whilst an other tried his hand in my pocket... luckily I clocked it managed to grab his hand then my mates noticed anyway and they vanished quicktime. Shame really... Never seen muggings before mind although did get followed to the beach one night by a few africans or whatever but nothing came of it.

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it's a massive issue on the metro here. there's a wonderful woman from Colombia, a good samaritan who has become a local celebrity because she hangs around the crime hotspots all day blowing a whistle and warning people whenever she clocks some Romanian gang at work. the private security are a joke and the cops are nowhere to be seen. I think looking out for each other is really important in standing up to these parasites because nobody else is going to.

interestingly, quite a few facebook groups have sprung up sharing crime experiences and pictures/films of thieves but this is where it might get a bit vigilante and legally and ethically dodgy (esp if you get the wrong guy!) - Are there any similar facebook groups in IBZ? I couldn't find any