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here's one i trot out every year. it's an oldie but goldie........and particularly useful for anyone from the borough of burnage on holiday here

Noel Gallagher's Top Taxi Tips (a Manc-Spanish phrasebook)
Y'awright mate - Como Estás Senor
I wanna go t'KFC - Quiero ir á KFC
'Ave yer bin busy? - Has estado occupado?
What time you on till? - Hasta que hora trabajarás?
'Ow much? - Cuanto Cuesta?
See ya. - Hasta la vista.

this can be converted to a scouse phrasebook too. Just leave out the penultimate phrase as you leg it at high speed back to your pad!

calm down, calm down.


oops, sorry. penultimate means 'next to last'