Top Sound Tracks

kevin and perry

got to be kevin and perry one of the best sound track for dance tunes
or human traffic
Dirty Sanchez said:
recently... David Holmes for Oceans Eleven.

quite right. it puzzles me that when a respected, quality dj like david holmes creates a parallel career doing movie soundtracks everyone says well done.

but when mr oakey tries the same everyone calls him a wanker.

maybe it's the mullet
It's BLADE RUNNER!!! It can't possibly be anything else, ESPECIALLY when in Ibiza. I take it with me every time!!
I think it's the soundtrack for the film, Miss Sarejevo, by The Passengers. Great cd! (it isn't really dance music, but some of the songs are electronic)
I was never impressed with any electronic soundtrack

Some of my favorites are Reservoir Dogs , Dazed and COnfused