Top 3 places to visit in Ibiza?


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Hi im off very soon for my first Ibiza holiday and was wanting some things to do during the day thats ARENT clubbing related.

So, if you please - your lists of the best 3 places to visit and a little info on each.

Thanks in advance

1. Spend a day or half a day wandering around Ibiza Town and relaxing. Its a beautiful and very interesting town thats great for a wander.
2. Go to an empty, deserted beach away from the resorts. Cala Den Serra is one of my favourites.
3. i cant think of a third at the moment!
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Theres a waterpark in PDB :lol: its not the most amazing waterpark ever but there are 1 or 2 scarey slides (bare in mind I'm scared of water) theres a cool slide called the black hole which I knocked myself out on :D Well I like it there anyway :D
1. Take in a sunset from somewhere other than the sunset strip, like Cap d'es falco, Cala Conta etc etc.

2. Hire a car and discover the island

3. Go to Formentera

1. Go to the top of Sa Talia (highest point on island)

2. Es Vedra for sunsets and pic opportunities (especially from the towers)

4. Climb the steps to the top of ibiza Dalt Vila for fantastic views and some culture

others to consider, visit the aquarium, visit all the churches in all the small villages (if you like that kind of thing, recommend San Miguel), visit lots of coves up around the north, northwest of the island, take a look at the salt flats of ses salinas)
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1. Sunset at Mambo. Nothing else like it :)

2. D'alt Villa. Go in the evening and have dinner up there. Really cool vibe.

3. Afternoon partying at Bora Bora. Still exists and believe it or not you can still have an amazing time there. I did last week, around 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon.
For Sunset it has to be La Torre way less commercial than Mambo and incredible views, "lazy living" Ibicenco style. Mambo is fine if you are in a party mood, but you will pay for the experience.

Rent a Car, drive around the Island see where it brings you.......

Chill out at one of the many beautiful "callas" secretly tucked away and surrounded by pine trees.

Stay out of the 12pm-3pm heat and harmful UV rays!8)

Bring Mozzie repellant and .................always wear Sunscreen

"If i could offer you only one tip for the future Sunscreen would be it"
Definately hire a car. Few years ago we drove up to portinatx, hired out a boat for an hour and it was fantastic.

One of my favourite beaches so far (not explored many unfortunately :oops:) is Cala Salada.
Well i took on board some of your comments and found some beautiful places.

Portinax was beautiful, despite being a pain to get to.

Cala D'Hort - lovely little bay with excellent views of Es Vedre.

Bora Bora was cool, got a bit pi$$ed though before We Love @ Space!
1. Wait until 2am and go walking around the cannon mounts in jogging pants
2. Go to Bora Bora and ask everyone short, moustached, and old if they can help you out finding "drugas".
3. Leave you clothing, shoes, and wallet on a towel on the naked beach and go walking.