Top 20 football hardmen


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Who picked this list? Larry Grayson?

1. Roy Keane
2. Ron 'Chopper' Harris
3. Vinnie Jones
4. Dave Mackay
5. Dennis Wise
6. Stuart Pearce
7. David Batty
8. John Terry
9. Graeme Souness
10. Patrick Vieira
11. Lee Bowyer
12. Julian Dicks
13. Billy Bremner
14. Kevin Muscat
15. Eric Cantona
16. Norman Hunter
17. Neil Ruddock
18. Tommy Smith
19. Nobby Stiles
20. Alan Shearer

Wise? Bowyer? Cantona? Shearer?John Terry?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is Kevin Moran, Mick Harford, Jimmy Case, Billy Bonds, Billy Whitehurst, Pat Van Den Hauwe, Mark Dennis, Brian Gayle, Fashanu (not the gay one), Big Dunc, Graham Roberts, Terry Hurlock.

Of course I forget there was no football before Sky!

Anyone else care to contribute? Who the Spanish fella? Butcher of Bilbao? Also what about Claude Gentile who kicked lumps out of Diego in 82?
the number of chocolate hardmen in that list is staggering

Duncan Ferguson
finds 2 robbers in his house
batters both of them

thats a hard man
I know. How could anyone consider chripy Dennis Wise a hardman??

Billy Whitehurst, played football and done bareknuckle boxing in between when he was skint!

Kevin Moran played gaelic football too which clearly makes him doolally!

Mick Harford - well just look at that cnut!
And where's Buckley - the most feared midfielder in the Amateur Football Combination?
don't let ross kemp or danny dyer see this thread or they'll make a doc about it

oh hang on..
depends how you define hard.

ron chopper harris was just a thug, amazes me how his sometimes sought out to offer his "expert" opinion on the game.

for me someone like maradona was well ard, remember the story of when argentina played england and phil neal put a reducer in on him early doors, maradona didn't even flinch.

wise, batty and bowyer...... hardmen, they're just little rats.

souness and ferguson and tommy smith - that's a hardman. they'd eat vieira and keane for breakfast.
not a credible list at all

where the **** is claudio gentile,franco baresi, mick mcarthy....johnny dexter???
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Quite ridiculuos how theres no Tommy smith or Robbie Savage :spank:

Robbie Savage?! He's always struck me as one of these t.wats on the pitch who think they're big tough guys but are obviously not. Infact isn't he more known for being a more "annoying" player than a hard player? I.e silly challenges, arguing with the ref, diving etc.

I definitely also wouldn't class Lee Bowyer as hard. A mindless thug maybe who got lucky in breaking into football. I'd love to see Roy Keane in a crunching tackle against this eejit. And yes I know he's a West Ham fan - but he's still a nob!
IMO football hard men are the ones who go in head first where the studs are flying. Anyone can be a dirty cnut and open someone up in a tackle. For me its about risking injury to get to the ball first and putting yourself on the line for your team mates Bryan Robson style.

If it was a Football Thug Tards list then that list would hold
Dave Webb (Ex QPR)