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I have read about the wrist bands for Sundays @ Space which allow you to leave and re-enter but do the equivilent exist for Tonic ?

I'm planning an earlyish night and getting there for the opening rather than partying through the night but I'm wondering when and where I'm going to get my cheap drinking done to fit in with 8am - 5pm . . .

Maybe en route across from San An and then a few more at lunch if I can get out of the club for a bit . . . .
Bora Bora is probably your best bet for drinks pre Tonic. Or you could swing by the Es Vive and drink by the pool untill you see the DJ's head off to space ;) It didn't really get going until middayish (two weeks ago) and even then not that busy. (but still enjoyed all the same and some of the best music all week and also the best ratio on the girls to boys front of about 8-2, which was great!
Tonic @ Space - it rocks!!!

...... dont bother going to Tonic until midday at the earliest, we went to Cream at Amnesia last year, then went straight on to Tonic @ Space for opening - definately not worth it ...... totally dead!

However, having said that Tonic @ Space on Friday is a must - seriously one of the funniest, uplifting, and best music I heard for a daytime session - nothing better than dancing on the terrace when the planes come in to land a few hundred feet over your head - and you can't hear them for the music! -
I didnt see any of the wristbands you are talking about tho at Tonic.....

My advice - get some serious shut eye before heading on down to Tonic then carrying on at Bora Bora ...... or maybe that's just my old age........

Oh yeah.....great smoothie cafe across the road too!! Just what you need to get your morning started before indulging again.
Re: Tonic @ Space - it rocks!!!

puppylover said:
Oh yeah.....great smoothie cafe across the road too!! Just what you need to get your morning started before indulging again.

Lol, my b/friend loved that new smoothie place too, also Bora Bora do wicked smoothies and milkshakes as well at the other bar, he was their most valuable customer..............bless him he should really just get back on the alcohol like I do :p
Tonic @ Space - it rocks!!

[smoothie cafe - the dogs b****lx]

The lady who owned the cafe was worried for her business last year as she wasnt getting as much business she had hoped - that's sooooooo not right - its a great cafe !!!

To everyone on this forum who will frequent Space this season - DOgo and visit the cafe - fresh strawberry smoothies with a fresh strawberry danish - just what the doctor order to line your stomachs before the onslaught!! :D [/quote]
Re: Tonic @ Space - it rocks!!!

puppylover said:
...... dont bother going to Tonic until midday at the earliest, we went to Cream at Amnesia last year, then went straight on to Tonic @ Space for opening

Thats exactly what we did where abouts were you? We were propping up the bar outside for most of the afternoon (once the inside shut). How late did you stay? And more importantly, did you see Spiderman???
'twas a bad move going straight to Space I have to say... we stayed in the back room at the bar which is sort of behind the toilets? it was soooo dark and dingy - felt like I was in the bowels of hell... that all changed however when things got going on the terrace.... I stayed up on the level that was directly across from the bar - at the side of the DJ booth (next to the huuuge fans) - Spider Man? Nope but did you see the tranny with the huge implants who looked like Chris Eubank???
Yeah it was a bit of a slog until Tonic got going. We did stop by the hotel for an hour on the way, knowing expecting the music to not be on till 9.30. But despite having done Cream and then blowing around €250 each on vodka limons in space for breakfast, hehe, will still found the means to keep going... ;) Although the cheers, poining and smirks from Brandon and later Alex suggested we felt better than we looked 8)

Actually what date did you go? 27th June was when we went (had it in the back of my mind that was the opening but not so sure now!) If it was teh same time, we spent a lot of the afternoon by the bar that would have been facing the bit you were on. There were three of us and we were with a couple of girls most of the time who were either very polite or really didn't mind that I couldn't really talk by then :)

Yeah spiderman is a bit of a legend. He was there wearing his trademark spiderman outfit absolutly off his rocker. He was dancing like a madman on the center podium for about 5 hours. I really don't think he could tell where he was for most of the time and the Blocko and the resident were killing themselves behind the dj booth at his antics. At one point he started doing a striptease (which was like watching a roadcrash, you don't wanna see but you can't help but look, LOL) Anyway someone pulled the suit down the rest of the way, so he just caried on waying his parts about in the fresh air for 20 min's until the security guy came over and made him redress! (hehe but not before a group of girls sneaked up behind him and all swiped their credit cards in his ass crack, LOL)

He was still going when we left at 4.30pm and was reported in Bora Bora after that, LOL.

I always go later on in the year, last 2 weeks of August - the first week is always manic but the second week is fab as the crowds drop by about a quarter. So its a good mixture of madness and semi madness....

The first week we were there - Sanchez at Pacha was a nightmare - no room ANYWHERE!!! it was quite scarey actually - kept losing everyone.. The second week at Pacha was cool as F**k - loads of space to dance, move around etc,

5 weeks to go!!! - cant wait - work is a bind!

Note to self: Look out for Spiderman this year..... unless he is an opening party type of superhero?
Spiderman was at the tonic/space closing party too last year.........