Toilet troubles...

:lol::lol: That is very funny indeed! My knowledge of bodybuilding types is clearly not up to speed so....why does he keep talking about a pee bottle that he carries round with him??! :)
similar one on extras when marchant goes around to whatshername for a date and clogs up the toilet with a u-boat.

then goes at it with a whisk.......:lol::lol:
restaurant review:

The India Club @ the strand continental hotel, The Strand, Central London (29th January)

raw slabs of onion, barely cooked chicken, popadoms staight outta the packet, and a pungent sauce which remains in your breath for days

a culinary experience so horrendous you will end up on the carzy for the following week.

I am basically wading through entire books in there.
You were quoting from that forum i guess?


Got any links to decent reads?:)