Todd Terry


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What happened to the guy??? I haven't heard of him for ages. In the mid 90's he was THE man. Probably the biggest name in the world.
He might still be doing his thing and it maybe just me, but I haven't just crawled out from under a stone, still 100% into the dance scene and it appears to me Todd has disappeared!
Is he producing under another name and stopped DJing?? Anyone know?
I asked this a couple of weeks ago.

I was reliably informed by our pink London lass that he's regularly playing gigs around London and other various events.

Wonder what his style is these days?

Hope he don't go down the electro route :confused:
He has released a couple of Cds on the Trust the DJ label, think that must have been fairly recently. You can have a listen to samples through their site, to hear his style of music.

I remember him packing out the Ministry like no others in 93 - 94, he surely was the man back then.