To the wonderful people of the UK....


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I know i dont know any of u guys but ive posted here for a few years now...not recently but in the past i posted frequently...i just wanted to say thank u to the great citizens of the UK for the visit i had there last was my first time to the UK as ive been wanting to go there for quite some first trip to ibiza in 2002 is what actually got me started when i met so many great people from the and my girlfriend had an amazing time and the hospitality was great...americans in the past few years havent been looked at abroad in the greatest light but im glad everyone i encountered didnt have any problems...i couldve spent a lot longer than a week there...the G20 was actually there and i was about 500 feet away from the president of my own country which is ironic cause in my own country i never even get that close...u guys have an amazing country and should be very proud of it...alot of lessons should be taken from Americans and particularly New Yorkers as i have been a native of for 29 years...loved watching football (soccer in america) in the pubs...the people r very spirited and have a great sense of nationalism which is something we lack here in the states...wish i could have visited the smaller towns outside of london but i was only there for 6 days...i can tell u that i will be making more visits to the UK in years to come...and if anyone ever needs advise on NYC, u have a friend i said i dont know anyone here but i just wanted to express my thanks the only way i really figured i could
Cheers mates
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