To all the Canadians out there



Hey everybody who's from Canada!
I"m from Ottawa, and this summer it will be my first time to Ibiza with my boyfriend and 2 other friends...first of all: is spending $1000 on each roundtrip flight ticket (after all the taxes) a good price considering it's for end of June? How much did you guys spend on air?
We're actually gonna travel all over Spain for 2 weeks but will be in Ibiza only 3 days :cry: ...for 3 days what's the average spending amount considering we'll not be going crazy with the money etc.
Any info helps,
Thanx, see you there beginning of July - in time for PvD on the 3rd!!
I'm coming from the other side of Canada and our flight is about $1200 round trip.

Ibiza is expensive if you plan on going bonkers bring a few hundred bucks for each partying night and accomodation can range from dirt cheap to WOW!
Hiya trance!! :D Only booked one part of my flight b/c im flying to london first and so waiting for last minute deals but my flight from london to ibiza only cost me $200 return. I was looking at some deals for may and they were showing as low as $500 to london return but in june prob a little more even for last min. I'm aiming for no more than $1000 that includes the $200 from london to ibiza.

If your going only 3 nights in ibiza check out the hostels as they are way cheaper!! And lots of spending $$$ if your going out all three nights. Check out:

Hope this helps a bit. Have fun!!!! :D :D
Hey fellow Canuck :D
I went for 5 days last year but we headed to Ibiza from Porto as we were vacationing there. The trip from Porto cost $450 CDN for the return flight. Our accomodation was approx. 200-250 Euros each (two people) for 5 nights. Regarding spending money I would recommend you have at least 30-35 Euros for club entry and then whatever amount you're planning on spending while in the club...Food was reasonable and taxis have set prices or you can take the bus...Here's hoping our CDN dollar goes up against the Euro :eek: