to all swedish people here........

have no idea, as Im half Swedish, my dad´s probably sitting at home following the whole thing close up. Me, im not sure....I mean, I fear that everyday things are gonna be so much more expensive, look what happened in greece...and Ibiza!
I've been to Sweden a few times and things aren't exactly cheap as it is!!!!! Suppose that goes for most of Scandinavia though.
Try and live in Denmark, besides from Japan and UK we are the most expensive country in the world. Not only do we pay 50-60 % of our wages in taxes (well we do have wellfare and no poor people) - we also have to pay soooo much money for common things, f.i a bag of potatoes can easily be around 2.50 Pounds. 1,5 litre of Coca Cola is around 3 Pounds....and so on........dammit! so when I go to Ibiza, I feel everything is cheaper!
Yeah well, we have been used to this for ages so we are sweating about it...still, we have free hospitals, free kindergardens, schools, books, free education that reach masterlevels, we have help for the poor and needy people and we don´t have a single person in this country that have to live on the streets, as that is something they choose for themselves. We have welfare so schould I loose a job or something, the government HAS BY LAW THE OBLIGATION to make sure my bills are payed and that my stomacke is full.

There is always help here, although one doesnt want to take advantage of those needs and hopefully never will have to.