Tivoli & Mare Nostrum


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Im just looking for a bit of advice is possible from any of you regulars>I am just booking to stay in D en Bossa and wondered has anyone got any comments or experiences from these 2 mentioned in the title.Im not obviously bothered about anything upmarket these 2 have just fallen into the money bracket Im gonna pay just dont wanna end up in a righ s%^hole! I would also appreciate any other places I should try.Many thanks in advance
you cannot go wrong with either of these places.one is a hotel mare/h/b..the atps are s/c but you can upgrade to h/b and eat you meals in the algarb just across the road.(thats what most of the people were doing in may/june this year.same group gps.tivoli apts are just on the edge of the main strip in pdn/mare nostrum is a little further down the road.tivoli apts have a oven/so you could cook meals yourself.or use as central heating to dry off if it rains and you get wet.both places have had a massive refit.i have stayed in tivoli twice before the refit.and it was just right.looks even cooler now.

see map http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/maps/bossa03.htm

if you use right side of map.and tick like next square up.you will see how far mare nostrum is away.ok any more info pm me ok.should know what i am on with been going since 83.i now use algarb and other places as my basecamp for past 10 years

ok mare nostrum is bigger ie pool bar area ect.but if you just need a room to use .then tiv would be best.forget to say that oven also has gas rings.tiv apts are two blocks and in the middle is a joining area.where the bar is and eating area.
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I stayed in Tivoli 3 years back and it was fine (good value for money compared to a load of other apartments there). It's about 10 mins walk to Bora Bora from there along the beach