timmyboyy ibiza end of april!


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Hi everyone im new to this site, just looking to make some contacts for the summer and hopefully find some like minded people to share a flat with for the season (or as long as i last) im a 20yr old male from oxford.. been to ibiza san antonio 3times before 2 weeks each time, absolutely love the place! im looking to go out to san antonio at the end of april(20th).. getting a oneway ticket and going to look for bar work straight away. if anyone is looking for a chilled out lad to share a flat with for the summer let me know or if you already have a group n need one more extra person to share the costs let me know! :)
hi darren im definately up for going! ive saved a bit of money towards the season, hopefully get some work as soon as we get there.. where were you looking at for places to stay and for what date? you planning on doing bar work aswell?and have you been to ibiza before mate?
Hi lads im a 23 year old from brum ive booked a flight for the 1st of may looking for bar work an its my 1st season aswell an would be up for sharing an appartment if you have any room left my e-mail is b4rn1@live.com
hi mate, im flying out at the end of april..same with darren, what we could do is share apartment with you as soon as you come out n share costs etc n then see where we go from there?
sounds good mate drop me an e-mail or a message on here about were you are looking on getting a place and other info. I land on 1st of may about midday getting wel excited now!!