Timeless Tunes

Dr Fox

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Just been listening to Back To Love 2 and have just realised how timeless Soul II Soul's - Back to life is.....sounds as good now as it did back in '89 I think it was. Some of my old tracks sound very dated if you listen to them now. Of course you have Where love lives and Unfinished symphony in the same league but I'm struggling to think of any other ageless classics. Same with films, thought the Cannonball Run 1 and 2 were hilarious when they first came out....watched 2 the other day and it was complete sh1te! Nostalgia is a wicked girl.....

Just a thought really........ :rolleyes:
Joey Beltram:Energy Flash
Goldie:Inner City Life
Reel to Reel(featuring The Mad Stuntman): I like to move it, move it :D
Rose Royce:Is It Love Youre After
SExpress: Theme from SExpress
Leftfield:Open Up
SL2:On a Ragga Tip