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I see Underwater are being experimental and have booked the likes of Tim Westwood and Trevor Nelson to play at their parties. I'm assuming they are to appear in the funky room.

I applaud them for doing this and diversifying the Ibiza sound a little, but R&B + Hip-Hop, wouldn't this detract from the Ibiza vibe of House music?

Anyone got any views about this?
I believe they are playing in the Global Room.

Not my cup of tea, but I suppose there are a lot of people (including lots of Americans!) that would like this.

With Ayia Napa being practically closed down by local government, I can see the Garage, R&B and Hip Hop crew looking for somewhere a bit more liberal. It will be interesting.

Over the years they have tried, with not much success.

If it opens up Ibiza to more people and they get into the house vibe on the back of it - great.
I like the idea...Americans like myself are exposed to hiphop way more than house even though i listen to house all day long at work and at home...i do like hiphop although its really wack right now...being from New York where all the rappers come from i basically dont have a choice but to hear it all day on the radio...but it will be a good mix for someone like me who can listen to both and mix it up a bit
as long as it stays in the global its all good.

well done to subliminal as well for booking jacque lu cont
My family come from a small village just outside of ayia napa. I basically grew up going on holiday there and Ayia Napa was always a party town. Usually just really cheesy with loads of clubs and scandenavian holiday makers. And then the Speed Garage scene hit and bought with it loads of trouble makers and little kids trying to be gangsters. I stopped going!

However this summer I'm going back to visit my family, I haven't seen them in 5 years mainly due to me going to Ibiza.

I would be very surprised if Ayia Napa is completely shut down.

Still this may be a very good thing that will finally end the scum invasion and allow it to mature into a good holiday destination.

I do believe it has a lot of untapped potential...
try grial bar for hip hop

I'm not at all sure if hip hop will really suit the Pacha vibe. Rather an uneasy combo.

However if yer after hip hop try the Grial bar, almost next door to Pacha. It's been rocking all winter, Wed o Thurs nights (?).

I think we'll increasingly see R 'n' B and garage crews in San An. Now the Ayia Napa scene is dead/dying Ibiza would seem to be the ideal refuge. And the hoteliers couls cert do with some xtra custom, bookings were around 20 per cent donw last year, and are looking worse this year.

For me, this wd represent a bad development tho', Ibiza works cos on the whole attitude is minimal, violent undertones are very very rare. And tho I can appreciate the energy (and some of the music in the garage scene) Ibiza needs bwad bwoy gang-sters like the planet needs G Bush.
garage was around last year, lots of it in san an unfourtunately. it was all done a no attitude environment.

there dosen't seem to be any garage this year......
Re: try grial bar for hip hop

stingray said:
if yer after hip hop try the Grial bar, almost next door to Pacha. It's been rocking all winter, Wed o Thurs nights (?)

the fiasco nights were on wednesdays!! ;)

during the last weeks grial has been reformed and now is bigger. it re-opened yesterday!! :D

hello people,

I got to say that I thought the original Ibiza music back in the day was Balaeric beat which wasn't ALL house music - diversity surely must be good, and I must say I can't really cope with full on house and trance anymore - after nearly 16 years of raving (from the Wag, the Brain and the Mud Club through Sunrise, Exodus/Spiral/Castlemorton etc etc etc to the present day) you get kind of tired of narrow-minded music policies.

I thought Ibiza was all about being open minded and free spirited. Sometimes i find the whole slave to the DJ thing a bit tiring. Sometimes a girl just needs to dance and sing along and not give a flying f*** who's playing as long as the music's moving her soul.
Sometimes a girl needs to do a bit of comedy bump'n'grind.
When you see some old hag on the dancefloor doing terrible dancehall moves it might be me. be careful kids or you too could end up there in 20 years time....

Sort of know what you mean about Westwood though. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that the best thing in the world (for me anyway) is when there's a house tune, a hip hop tune, a classic rave anthem, a cheesy rock tune and some sweet soul music or weird jazz all in the same half hour......aaaaaahhhhhh. Pure musical ecstasy.

Anyone know where on the island they still paly Alfredo & Jose's Ibenican music styleees?
:lol: :D 8)
Metta, that post near broke my heart.
I think you summed the whole damned thing up

Did you really say the Brain Club, man that takes me back. Back when Virtual Reality was the future.
Metta! :) The Wag!

You have so summed it up ...

and .. if it can move your ass .. !

Music is music .. and it's individual to the soul ... you can be at one point in time when a particular genre that never did anything for you before just totally ROCKS IT! ...

Just E N J O Y .... I plan to!