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I was wondering if anyone had any reviews on the Tiesto Magik cds. I read that numbers 4 and 5 were the best but haven't listened myself. I recently bought In Search of Sunrise 2 and can't stop playin it! Think its f**king brilliant! :D


These series are really good, it goes up to number 7, i have got number 7 which is live in los angeles, and has got some cracking tunes on it, and love hearing the crowd go mad!!!
Number 6 is also live in amsterdam, which i'm trying to find!!!
He announced the other month that he is not going to make any more magik series!! which is a shame.

Check out tiesto's record label:


All of the series are on there on much more.

Thanks Rob,

I have checked this site and i'm gonna order one see what its like. I bet there all pretty good. I used to hate trance b/c i though it had lost a lot of it lustre at the end of the nineties and into 2000 but Tiesto has done amazing things for trance and brought it back to form. Bang on!!!! :eek: 8)
Hi Rob,

Number 7 just came in the mail yeaterday. Yeah its really good!! Its sooo insane listening to it while i am skiing!! :twisted: Makes me just want to open it up and go as fast as i can! Scary sh*t!!

I bought number 4 too but hasn't arrived yet and i'm gonna try and find #6 too. Its too bad hes going to stop making them though. :rolleyes: Oh well.
yeah, but the thing that i love has got to be the woming introducing tiesto and hearing the crowd go nuts........
I just listened to Magik 4 and I didn't like it at all. It seemed very boring, no glamour, repetative soft beats, no build ups, sh*t vocals. I'm not good at explaining music, why i like some and why i dont like other but this is no good IMO. :(
won't buy that one then!!! have you got magik 6 live in amsterdam, sopposed to be one the best.....
the magik cds are great... but my all time fav tiesto cd is in search of sunrsie 3 which came out in August. Id totally recommend buying it!
have you got magik 6 live in amsterdam, sopposed to be one the best.....

Yeah, I ordered it last week so it should be coming shortly. I heard good reviews too, ill give a full report when i get it.

I have In Search of Sunrise 2 and thats pretty good i thought. Maybe worth checking out.
Magik 6 - live in the dam just came in the post, opend it, listened to it and f**ing luved it!! It a goody - ahhhh #6 delerium - silence!!! A killer carryon to #7. Definitely check it out. :p
ive kinda stayed away from trance, but ya tiesto , seems alright, i started to listen to sum of his tracks , now im kinda stoked .
what would be his 5 best tracks?
nah, sorry i disagree.

i think lethal industry is a brill trance/tougher crossover track, and subirban train (the one without the crappy vocal) is pure quality....

still............different musical tastes i soppose...........