Tiesto Los Angeles



As a warm-up for Ibiza.... Tiesto two nights from now in Los Angeles. I can't wait. Than one month from now PVD in Los Angeles. But, nothing will compare to Sept 4th when they both play together.

The summer is finally about to begin!!!!
i sold my presale $35 to some poor sucka for $100 last night!!! :lol:

$100 for a 3hr tiesto set on a thursday night... jesus people are stupid.
I saw that....

I saw that on the Spundae site, people were practically begging you for a ticket. I had a great time and I didn't mind paying the $35 for Tiesto...(especially since I saw his free show at the Virgin Megastore and got a picture with him), however, I wouldn't have paid $100 for it. Anyway it's now the countdown to PVD's show at the Palace...are you going to do the same thing and sell it?????