Tiësto in Concert



Already 5 months ago, the 10th of May 2003, was a really special day for the partyscene of Holland. For the first time in history was there a DJ in Concert.

In the sold out soccerstadium Gelredom in Arnhem (25.000 people) was the number one DJ of the world spinning the wheels for 8 hours long. It was Tiësto, together with the most amazing lightningshow, lasershow, soundsytem (for a soccerstadium) en great shows. 25.000 people were 8 hours non stop with the hands in the air. Some pics?




It was really my best party ever, and for the people who haven't been there, 200 minutes of the concert is recorded on DVD and in store since last week! You will find the show, the lighting, the people screaming, Tiesto going wild and of course the whole DJset! A real good one!

So get that DVD... :)
It was sold out 1,5 month before the evening itself.. 25.000 people.

Tiesto says on his internetsite that he is not sure if it will happen again. And if it will happen again, it will be over 2 years, because it takes at least 1 year to organise such a party...
The tracklisting of the concert you see on DVD with the recordings from the cameras:

01. Tiësto - Magik Journey (Intro)
02. Tiësto - Adagio For Strings
03. Ernesto & Bastian - Who¹s The Starter?
04. Skin - Faithfullness (Tiësto Remix)
05. Andain - Beautiful Things (featuring Mavie Marcos)
06. Brotherhood - Samba In The Hood/Cave - Carnival (intro to the "South America" Part)
07. Roc Project featuring Tina Arena - Never (Filterheadz Luv Tina Remix)
08. David Forbes - Answers
09. Mojado featuring Mr. Sam - Naranja (Dimitri Andreas Vision)
10. Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Remix)
11. Kane - Rain Down On Me (Tiësto Remix) (featuring Dinand Woesthoff)
12. Traditional - The Star Spangled Banner (intro to the "North America" part)
13. Hampshire & Nysse present Nikita - Eternal Voices (Tiësto Alternative Breaks Mix)
14. Scott Bond vs. Solarstone - 3rd Earth
15. Fictivision vs. C-Quence - Symbols
16. Max Walder - Crown
17. F. Massif - Understatement
18. Conjure One - Tears From The Moon (Tiësto Remix)
19. Tiësto - Traffic
20. Orange Studio's - Tiësto In Concert Asia (intro to the "Asia" part)
21. Coast 2 Coast - Searching (Coast 2 Coast Mix)
22. Solar Factor - Urban Shakedown
23. Freefall - Skydive (featuring Jan Johnston)
24. Literon/Speedy J - Collabs 200: Snacker
25. Tiësto - Lethal Industry
26. Mark Norman - Rush
27. Omar Ka & Fula Band - Dimel/Koode Nyaari (intro to the "Africa" part)
28. Tiësto - Theme From Norefjell (DJ Jan & Christophe Chantzis Mix)
29. Riley & Durrant - Candesco
30. Tiësto - Nyana
31. Saltwater - The Legacy (Alphazone Remix)
32. DJ Ton T.B. - Electronic Malfunction
33. Tiësto - Flight 643
34. Armani & Ghost - Airport
35. De Jonge & Beijerink - Didjerrydoo
36. Tiësto vs. Junkie XL - Obsession (Frank Biazzi Mix)
37. Ralph Fridge - Man On Mars
38. Tiësto - Suburban Train
39. Ricky Fobis - No Regular
Its wierd, i had a dream about this last night. At the start tiesto came on and he goes "guess what track i'm going to play first." I was like omg i've listened to this liveset before i know the answer so i patiently waited with my hand in the air while tiesto looked around to see who could guess. Unfortunately he didnt pick me and the person he did ask got it wrong. Then he jumped off the stage whilst jan johnson did a shod live trance act which invloved 3 birds miming the words and dancing. I had to leave though because i didnt have a ticket and i'd just sneaked in. I went back at 6am though because i found a ticket but tiesto had finished his set and they put paul oakenfold on?!!! Then i heard some commentry saying "ohh tiesto will really want to get his brandnew widescreen tv into shot because i'm sure that cost them a lot of money. I spotted the tv near the front and it was surrounded by people just watchin it!! It was like a 42" plasma jobbie?! What the hell! I got bored because i was on my own so i strolled back to my flat which was in a warehouse next door....

Michael24 said:
Are you sure you did take your medicin?


That reminds me.... :lol:

I do have some wierd dreams, was pretty enjoyable tho. The cool thing was the tickets i found were on some cool leather wristband things. I was like "cool do we get to keep these!"
It's not a club.It's an exhibition center so they couldn't organize everything how it shoul be ....UNFORTUNETLEY
uhhh sad that I missed that, looked like great fun. But calling that a concert is maybe a wrong choice of word really, I´d more call it a big trancey happening! ;)