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Does any one know his dates for here yet?

June 26th has been confirmed on the balck hole website.

Is he doing everyweek or every otherweek?

Also heard from a reliable source that Oakie is doing 2 gigs for cream this summer. One in July one in August
he is doing every week.

and yes it is possible that oakie is doing gigs for cream this summer
Man, I wish Oakie would be there on the 27th! I like Tiesto too, but I really would like to see both! :D I wish I could stay in Ibiza all summer! :(
I believe both will play, one week for Oakie - one week for Tiesto, ect....
check out the section under nightlife.....party-calendar....schould be updated shortly :lol: :eek: :p ;) 8) :confused: :D
they won't be on the same night, well they could be, but could u imagine the bill cream would have to pay that night....
:lol: erm yes please
think i would erm be slightly HAPPY :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
so its confirmed then
tiesto, pvd, oaky, all at Cream!
well see yous all thursday nights then!
The party calendar shows PVD for the week I'm going...does that mean I probably won't see Tiesto that week at any club???? That would be a shame....he's one that I wanted to see...
last year tiesto and pvd played on the same night. so you maybe lucky again. i couldn't say untill the listings our produced

although I have seen Tiesto for many, many times it is great to see him AND PvD in Ibiza during my holiday 8) I'm a happy man.
I haven't forgotten about Pvd but I will be there the last week in June and so I will just miss him by a week. :( If PVD, Tiesto, and Oakenfold all played on the same night, I think I would go insane!!! :D :D :D
Cream on Thursday could interfere with me see Carl Cox... Does Cox have a def. schedule yet???