tiesto @ amnesia closing 2003


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could someone pleeeease help me?!
i was at the amnesia closin party this year and i loved tiestos set!

does anyone know where i can download the set?
if not any good websited with live sets? or tiesto's setlist for the closing night.....

thanks alot!
i might have it, i have a few tiesto @ amnesia sets. I seem to remember pvd playing the closing though... not sure about that one.
i get them from irc channels mostly because you can get the newest stuff :)

Just checked and this is the tiesto summer ones i have:


Just remembered why i didnt bother getting anymore; they all sound pretty much the same! the pvd closing set is definately available but i havent bothered getting it, i assume the tiesto one would have been recorded too.
whats the best irc channels to get sets from?!

i used to use irc to download oasis concerts when i was a hardcore indie fan hehehe
Hmm i keep changing may faves really. There's a private one i use for a lot of things but the public ones i'm using at the moment are:


i have a few more but they are saved as faves on my other comp. I'll have to get em later.
if u just copy and paste into your browser then it will load up mirc and the channel for you as long as mirc has url catching enabled. (which it does by default). Dont forget to turn off dcc ignore for tars/rars and zips :)