tidy trax and gatecrasher team up



i think that this will be brillant hopefully the tidy boys will be there because they are full on class :rolleyes:
Robo said:
hmmm, not sure on tidy trax.....but crasher in the main room will be good!

I agree gatecrasher in the main room will be brill, but you never know, Tidy might be OK too.

I was out on Saturday night to see Lee Haslam and Johnny Dangerous from Tidy and they both played excellent sets - especially Lee Haslem. Started his set with some strange music and I thought "what the ...." but 2 minutes later the place erupted as he played some quality tunes.

The rest of his set was really uplifting and all his mixing was seamless. I would definitely recommend going to see Lee if anyone gets the chance. I was knackered by the end of the night - haven't danced like that for ages.

Had a top night out. :D :D

I think it just depends on which Tidy DJs play